Fire Emblem Heroes Tips and Hacks

Fire Emblem Heroes is a game played on Android and iOS. In the game you are in this alternate reality and you gain points and experience based on the amount of jobs and fighting you do. Below are some Mafia War cheats to keep handy the next time you play.

The more jobs you do the more coins you earn and the more experience you gain. Begin by choosing jobs that offer a high payoff and use a small amount of Orb. You can also choose jobs that offer high experience and gained and low Orb used. Without the Fire Emblem Heroes cheat engine the goal is to lose as little Orb as possible.
One Fire Emblem cheat to remember is to make deposits into the bank as soon as you earn coins. You lose coins in in fights and the funds will be safe in the bank.
Use coins that you have earned to purchase property. The more coins you earn from properties the more dominate you will become in the game.
Recruit your friends who play Fire Emblem Heroes often to join your family. You will gain strength in numbers and your family can help you when you are in need. The larger your family, the stronger you become. Be patient when building your Fire Emblem Heroes family. Try to pick friends who play daily if you can, and choose those with high rankings.
Use your coins to purchase weapons. Some jobs may require the use of special weapons and it is a good idea to have a full arsenal for other jobs that may come up.
Maniac Class
coins is not as valuable as Orb, so choosing the Maniac Class is a good tip. You will not have to worry about Orb issues and this will help you when you first begin playing the game.
Orb Points
You will want to cash in your points for Orb as much as you can. Orb is vital in leveling up and can advance you in the game quickly.
With these Fire Emblem hacks, you will be on your way to being a pro player in no time

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